“JAG Testimonials Visual Composer Addon” Documentation by “JAG THEMES” v1.0

“JAG Testimonials Visual Composer Addon”

Created: 09/6/2017
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Table of Contents

  1. How to install ?
  2. How to add testimonials ?
  3. How to display testimonials using visual composer ?
  4. Features
  5. Sources and Credits

A) How to install ? - top

TO install the plugin , download the zip file from your account and follow below steps

  1. Upload the plugin folder `jag-vc-testimonials` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the "Plugins -> Installed plugins -> Activate JAG Visual Composer Testimonials Addon" menu in WordPress.
  3. That's it. Now you can find the Testimonials post type in wordpress menu.

B) How to add Testimonials ? - top

Once you sucessfully install & activate the plugin. You will be able to see testimonials post type in wordpress backend menu, like shown in screenshot below.

how to add testimonial?

  1. Simply click on add new.
  2. Add title, description , featured image, client nane, designation, rating

how to add testimonial?

C) How to display testimonials using visual composer ? - top

To display testimonials :

  1. Create a page called Testimonials or give whatever name you like
  2. Now add new element using visual composer.
  3. As shown in screen-shot below, Add the JAG Testimonials element.
    how to display testimonial?

  4. After adding the element. You can see various options to select.

    how to display testimonial? how to display testimonial? how to display testimonial?
  5. You can select any of 5 pre-define themes, order & orderby parameters for testimonials
  6. You can show/hide client image, name, designation, ratings as per your need.
  7. You can select base color for selected theme.
  8. You can select grid (1 column, 2 columns , 3 columns or 4 columns)
  9. You can select rating icon filled and unfilled both
  10. You must enable random color options to use random color functionality.
  11. You can enable slider and do settings from slider settings tab
  12. That's it save element & page. You can sees testimonials listed on your testimonial page.

D) Feature list - top

  1. Choose from various 5 themes.
  2. Unlimited color options.
  3. Random colors options.
  4. Show/Hide different options
  5. Select Rating Icons
  6. Display testimonials with following orderby parameter : NAME, ID, TITLE, DATE , MODIFIED, RANDOM ORDER & MENU ORDER.
  7. Option to select grid.
  8. Testimonial slider
  9. Mobile friendly
  10. CSS3 animations.
  11. Developer friendly.

E) Sources and Credits - top

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing our plugin :)

For any queries you can mail us @[email protected]


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